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Our Mission

Parent education as a field of practice is not currently regulated and this means the quality across the field is very inconsistent. Our aim is to work towards a consistently higher quality level of practice across the board and raise the opinion of parent educators in the community.


Our Values

  • We strive to train our students to the highest possible professional standard and support the profession to practice at a constantly high standard.

  • We support our students to be the best parent educators they can be, and to do this we are always caring, supportive and understanding of what they need to strive.

  • We highly value evidence-based practice and will continuously change our training when new relevant research is completed.

  • We endeavour to maintain a consistent feedback loop between us and our students and this will ensure that we are consistently improving our practice whilst maintaining the highest quality standard possible.

  • Opinions are valued and important and we will always consider the opinions of our community when making decisions.

  • We are inclusive of race, culture and physical ability and will endeavour to adjust our practice to accommodate needs of others. 

  • Safety is always a priority, and we will ensure that our students are never in a position where they are not safe.

  • All personal information remains confidential and we abide by relevant law with your information.

Our courses are internationally recognised. They are approved and accredited by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

Contact Us

Head Office: Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

PH: +61 0415 507 004

E: enrol@parentingsupportservices.com.au

Admin team hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

ACN: 621 643 025

ABN: 83 826 282 807

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