Introductory Sleep Educating

Course Outline

The Institute for Parenting Support Services Sleep Professional Development course is a 10 module self-paced course comprising of approximately 30-hours of content and course work. Support will be provided via one on one with your assigned lecturer. You will also have access to our secret training Facebook group to assist you with your training. When undertaking your assignments, you may be required to do your own research too.


Lecture 1: Science Basics


  • Science Assignment


Lecture 2: Feeding


  • Feeding Assignment


Lecture 3: Safe Sleep


  • Safe Sleep Assignment


Lecture 4: The Sleep Environment


  • The Sleep Environment Assignment


Lecture 5: Sleep Associations

  • Sleep Associations Assignment


Lecture 6: Newborn Sleep


  • Newborn Assignment


Lecture 7: Naps


  • Naps Assignment


Lecture 8: Night sleep 


  • Night Sleep Assignment


Lecture 9: Sleep Regressions and Developmental Leaps

  • Sleep Regressions and Developmental Leaps Assignment

Lecture 10: Sleep Training


  • Sleep Training Assignment

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