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July 21, 2018

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October 28, 2018

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Highlights Of Being A Sleep Educator

June 7, 2018




Any job has its perks, but not just any job will give you the satisfaction that being a Sleep Educator will. There are many reasons why you should consider undertaking one of our courses to become a sleep educator and fill your joy bank. Our courses will give you the change in career the you are looking for, with all the joys of being a Sleep Educator and working for yourself. Here are my top highlights with being a Sleep Educator.


You change people’s lives - Literally. Your goal when being a sleep educator is ultimately to change their lives. You will work closely with your clients and gain an understanding of what their child’s current sleep issues are, and make a solid plan for them to resolve these issues. With your knowledge that is gained throughout our sleep courses, you will then be able to write a very solid plan, specific to your clients situation and support them through their journey. With your plan and support and their dedication to following the plan, you will change their lives! They will get their little one self-settling and resettling, you will get the parents their freedom back; they can start having hot coffee, warm dinners and relaxing evenings. The relationship between parents can improve and the bond between parent and child can repair. Family lives are rebuilt and everyone is much happier. There is nothing better than brining this back to families and changing their lives.


You can develop your passion for children and their families - If you enjoy working with children and their families, this is a great career path. You will work closely with your clients and their children, and even build solid relationship and ongoing interactions with your clients. Working with children is so wonderful and knowing that you can give them the ability to sleep, which brings so many benefits (such as stronger immune system, healthier appetite, improved attitude and behaviour, just to name a few), is just an added bonus. 


Your personal experience can help - If you are looking at becoming a sleep educator, perhaps you have experienced first-hand how difficult it can be having a sleep deprived child and you want to help others who are in a position you once were. It’s not often that our experiences in life can help us progress strongly and confidently through our careers. If you do have a personal journey with a problematic sleeper, you can use your story to help you through your studies and connect and empathise with your clients.


Rare and impressive skill set - Sleep Educating is a reasonably new service and there are not many Sleep Educators around. There are many, many sleep deprived parents looking for that magic spell to help them with their child’s sleep. There is no magic spell, but there is much to know about sleep; the science, the psychology, and many more factors, and this is the resolution they need. The knowledge you gain from our sleep educating courses is very extensive. Your skill set after completing our courses, will set you aside from the rest and your passion and knowledge will allow you to gain the results you’re looking for.


The joy that comes with the job - The joy that you gain from being a sleep educator is indescribable. The buzz that you get when you speak with your ecstatic, well-rested, impressed clients when they tell you that their child slept through the night for the first time ever, is just amazing! There aren’t many jobs out there that will give you the same satisfaction and instant “self high-five” as often as this job will. But remember, this isn’t just a job. This is a career; something that you will want to do for as long as you can.


Work for yourself - One of the added bonuses is that you can work for yourself. There is a sense of satisfaction you have when you work for yourself, where you can set your own hours, choose where you work from, who you work with, and if you team all these factors up with the joy that you have when being a sleep educator, you will feel very pleased and gratified on your career path. 


Set your own hours - When you work from home, you also have the priviledge of setting your own hours. You can choose to do majority of your work during the day, or in the evening, or you can split between the two. You still have time to do your house tasks, run errands or make appointments. You can just reschedule your calendar at your leisure to make time for unexpected situations, such as sickness or medical appointments. Your hours are your choice, not directed by someone else and this gives a sense of freedom whilst doing something that you love.


Work from home - Working from home means that you’re not on someone else’s watch. You can get up in the morning when you’re ready and you can structure your day on a schedule that suits you and your family. You can have a work station set to your liking, and switch between work and house-hold tasks at your leisure. There is no travel time when working from home, so you have more contact time to get your work done. If you don’t get your to-do list done in the time frame you allocated, you can always get back to your list after hours, in the comfort of your own home.


Set your own income goals - You can write a plan on how much income you would like to earn and by using your prices and/or hourly rate, you can then set your hours. You can work as little or as much as you like, depending on what your income goals are. You can set your consulting prices to reflect your income goals, and all these is predetermine by your own personal reasons.


Shereen is a Director and Lecturer at the Institute of Parenting Support Services and Director and Senior Educator at Early Childhood Parenting. She practices in Adelaide, South Australia. She is the mother of two beautiful children. You can reach her at 0419820474 or