September 18, 2018

July 21, 2018

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October 28, 2018

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Money is Not a Dirty Word

July 29, 2018


Money. Its not really something that people talk about much. My mum taught me that it was rude to talk about money. Obviously I am here talking to you about it though. I feel it is really important to talk to you about it. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable with money, and for a business woman, that’s not a great place to be.


When you work in a service based business, and your primary objective is to help people, money is not usually your driver. It certainly has never been for me. I have always been about helping people.  I have always been about giving as much as I possibly can. The money has always been what I feel is more so a ‘necessary evil’ part of the role. Facilitating my modest life style so I can continue to help others.


Recently, I realised that I really had to overhaul that attitude. The reason I came to that place initially was because I realised that with more money, I can reach more people and help more people. That was the instigator for me exploring the whole idea of improving my money mind set. Then, on this journey, I realised that I really had poor self-worth in regards to money too. The whole journey I have been on lately has been a bit unhinging as I uncover a dark place in myself that I had never been before. 


I have come to the realisation that:


  • I actually have a gift and a passion that legitimately transforms people’s lives. People are forever grateful for the impact I make on their lives. I deserve to be financially compensated for my skill in transformation.

  • Giving away my 18 years worth of knowledge for free or for far less than it is worth actually devalues my journey and experience and reduces the perceived value of my skills to others.

  • People place less value on advice that they get for free. This is a psychologically proven fact. When you pay for advice, you have invested in the outcome, so you are more likely to get it. This means that I was trying to help people that were far less likely to succeed because they weren’t invested in the transformation and the outcome.

  • I am uncomfortable asking for payment for my services. If a client is supposed to pay me via card, I almost always forget to ask them to pay and have to chase the payment up when I remember.


So recently, I have made some big changes to this:


  • I have started to become comfortable with the idea that I deserve to be financially compensated for my gift.

  • I have reduced the amount of free work I do significantly to increase the value of my advice.

  • I have begun to charge a small fee for amazing services that were free in the past that provide significant value to people’s lives.

  • I have been confidently asking for payment from my clients at their service.


When you are in business to help people, money can be an uncomfortable place, but it doesn’t have to be. When you feel confident in your skills to transform lives, you can certainly come to a place where you can be at one with money and be financially compensated as deserved. I am really looking forward to being able to reach more people so that I can truely help as many people as my heart desires. And i can only do this by being at one with money.


Jade is a Director and Lecturer at the Institute of Parenting Support Services and Director and Senior Educator at Early Childhood Parenting. She practices in Adelaide, South Australia. She is the mother of two beautiful children. You can reach her at 0415507004 or


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