September 18, 2018

July 21, 2018

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October 28, 2018

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September 11, 2018


Recently one of the educators who works for us in our private practice came to me frustrated. She wasn’t getting the amount of clients that she wanted, although she was certainly putting in the work. It was also absolutely nothing to do with her standard of work. She is a very knowledgable and talented educator, and all of her clients love her. I have never had to pull her up a single time about the way she practices. The final straw was when she went live in our group of over 5k members, and didn’t have anyone ask her questions. She was seriously doubting herself. 


You might be surprised by what I told her, but it seriously worked…


So, the issue was how she was seeing herself. When I asked her about this, she really didn’t truely believe she was worthy of being live. The reason why… Because she thought she could never be as ‘good’ as me… Serious! 


I set things straight about that pretty quickly. I am just an ordinary person. I am not any more special than the next person. But I seek knowledge, and I believe in myself. I know people need me. When you put people up on a pedestal, something happens to you. You put yourself down. You actually create doubts and you project that to others.


So what we did, is we decided to work on this. I gave her a couple of tasks to do. The first one was to work out who her ideal client was, and then talk to me about it. I could already guarantee that she wasn’t thinking of the same ideal client as me. The reason I knew that, is because we are different people. When she realised that she wasn’t even aiming for the same ideal client as me, then she started to recognise that she wasn’t actually competing against me at all. 


The second thing was, we needed to write over the first draft of her feelings about herself in relation to her work, and write a new story. I encouraged her to write down exactly how she wanted to feel about her work. Then, before every Live, she went through her positive affirmations about her ability and skill. 


The very next live she did, she absolutely smashed it! She had many questions on the live and you could totally feel a different aura coming from her. Now we just need to give this new approach the time to turn in to new clients for her. 




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