September 18, 2018

July 21, 2018

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October 28, 2018

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Making A Difference

September 18, 2018

One of the most rewarding aspects of this field of service is the transformations that you bring to others lives. To know that you play a massive part in drastically changing parenting experiences, saving relationships and improving quality of life is a real winner in my eyes. There are not a wide range of professional practices which gives you the opportunity to be this impactful to others, but being a sleep educator will certainly give you that buzz kick you may be looking for!


I don’t just see myself as a ‘sleep educator’; I am much more than that and it is my ability in this profession and my willingness and desire to help others that is my driving force. When I first started sleep consulting, I didn’t actually realise how powerful I would be in changing lives nor did I realise my passion for helping people. I knew that I wanted to help others who were exactly where I was when my son was a baby, but I did not realise how much this desire would grow. My initial path on this journey was all about helping children sleep and in turn, helping Mum’s remove the sleep deprivation from their lives, giving them the opportunity to regain their parenting joy. But now, my role goes far beyond that. 


I have built strong working relationships with my clients and had repeat business with new additions to families, working with the same family for years. I have given parents the time, ability to focus and desire to improve their relationships, just by making significant changes their child’s sleep. I have guided children, gently and supportively to independent sleep which changes their overall mood, behaviour, eating habits and health. I have overcome physiological and behavioural issues and even identified health issues, referring my clients to the most appropriate health care professional to make progress on sleep. I have sat and listened to my clients break down and cried to me on the phone before they have even booked in with me. I am a cheer-leader to these broken families, I am a support network, a mentor, a teacher and a friend. I do not judge, I am unbiased, I am highly educated and knowledgeable. I use gentle-techniques which allows parents to achieve their sleep goals with confidence and contentment but without the guilt or shame. 


I am able to do all this because I am a sleep educator. But, I am not just any sleep educator who reached my potential with just any company. I started out with a basic course and knew that there was more. The course I studied didn’t align with my parenting or practicing philosophies, nor did it provide me with as much as I needed, so I wrote my own course with my business partner. Our course will give you all the knowledge and information you need to be all that you want to be. As a lecturer and mentor of my sleep course, I will give you all the support, guidance, encouragement and direction that you need to be an amazingly supportive and knowledgeable educator. 


I have an amazing team of sleep educators who all work towards helping each other grow. We support and encourage each other and I love watching each and every sleep educator in my team become more and more knowledgable and confident in their ability. Our team is a support network which is based on trust, friendship, faith and guidance. We want all our sleep educators to be highly proficient, educated and successful not only because we love to see people succeed in their dreams and career goals, but because they are our breed. Sleep Educators who are certified through our course will be carrying our brand name and we want to to be the best there is. 


On top of all this, not only am I changing others lives, I have also transformed my own life too. I chose to take a path in life which brought positivity and light. I wake up to joyful text messages from clients excited that their child through the night for the first time in over a year. I receive testimonials letting the world know how much of an impact I have been and that I am an angel. I receive phone calls of excitement and women breaking down with happiness that I was actually able to help and that they were eternally grateful for. I have my clients tell me that their relationships with their parents are back on track, just from working with meFrom all this, I then have a drive to do more; to do better. I love helping families and transforming lives even more each and every day. My life has changed because I chose a profession which makes me ultra happy and extremely successful and I absolutely love what I do.


Written by Shereen Nielsen



Shereen is a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Educator and Mentor/Lecturer and Managing Partner of Institute of Parenting Support Services. She practices in Adelaide, South Australia. She is the mother of two beautiful children. Shereen can be reached for one-on-one sleep help on 0419 820 474 or

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