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Are you passionate about working with children and their families? Maybe you have experienced first hand how difficult it can be to establish healthy sleep habits and want to help people avoid the struggle that you experienced? 

We aim to teach our students to work in a holistic way, taking in to account all of the possible components affecting the parent’s situation. There is not one right way of planning for sleep difficulties, and it is essential that this reflects in the practice of sleep educators who are trained by us.  


Our sleep educators leave us with the highest possible standard of practice, and we won’t accept anything less. They leave our course highly knowledgeable, competent and confident to work one on one with families, or with groups of parents, and have all of the skills they need to provide the right advice for specific families’ parenting styles, differing child temperaments and a range of lifestyles. 

We are located in Adelaide, South Australia, but we can train you regardless of your location around Australia or the world!

"This course is fantastic, it is so informative and gives me the confidence to be the sleep consultant I want to be. The girls are absolutely lovely and so helpful, I had no problem asking them questions along the way" - Shannon

"I have loved this course and feel confident all of the information is well researched and delivered in a way that ensures I can be the best sleep educator I can be. There is never any issues when asking questions and the answers are provided in a concise way ensuring not only do I know the answer but that I understand it. Highly recommend learning through this institute as the attention to detail and quality of information provided really is far superior to any other course out there in this industry." - Nicole

"I have really enjoyed this course, asking for help is never an issue and the girls are always helpful and explain everything in great detail. The knowledge I have gained from this course has helped me a great deal with my daughters sleep as well as I now have the understanding and knowledge of what is happening with her. " - Jessica

Our courses are internationally recognised. They are approved and accredited by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.


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